3 July 2012

Only War Beta: Week One

Updates From the Developers on the Only War Beta Test

Hello Only War Beta testers!

It has been over a week since the launch of the Only War Beta, and your response has been awesome! The Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay Team appreciates all your forum discussions and emails, and we have already started using your feedback to help us make Only War the best product it can be.

Every Tuesday, we will post a weekly update to keep you informed about the progress of the Beta. This post will include any big news involving the Beta, guidance on where we would like you to focus your attention in the coming week, and a PDF update to the Beta document to keep you informed of the most recent tweaks and changes to Only War’s core rules. This week’s update (pdf, 799 KB) can be found on the beta support page. Additionally, there is a dedicated thread in the Game Mechanics forum in which you can discuss any feedback directly related to this week’s update.

A Weekly Process

As mentioned before, each week we will post a certain aspect of the Only War rules that we would like you to focus on testing during this specific week. This will allow us to take a deeper look at individual features, and help facilitate more in-depth discussions. Keep in mind, however, that these topics are merely suggestions, and you are welcome to continue testing whatever aspect of the rules you wish at your own pace. Any and all feedback is welcome at any time.

Now that many of you have had time in this first week to look through the Beta and get acclimated, we would like to dedicate this next week to testing Regiment and Character Creation (found primarily in Chapters II and III). Make every squad combination you can using the different Regiment and Speciality options, and then consider the following questions: How did Regiment Creation go? Did you choose a pre-made Regiment, or did you make your own? In Regiment Creation, are there certain options you would choose every time? Are there certain options you would never choose? Which Specialities did your group choose? Are there certain Specialities your players gravitate toward or avoid? Once your starting group has been assembled, do any specific Specialities feel too powerful to begin with? Too weak?

We look forward to your thoughts and opinions as this Beta test kicks into gear. Thank you all for your invaluable feedback.

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