24 July 2012

Only War Beta: Week Four

Updates From the Developers on the Only War Beta Test

Hello Only War Beta Testers!

We are now a full month into the Only War Beta test, and—given that the average lifespan of an imperial guardsman on the front lines is only fifteen hours—this makes you all seasoned veterans of the Spinward Front! You have crafted your regiment and characters, fought against the savage enemies of the Imperium, and seen your squad grow and evolve across your campaign. Now, it is time for us to scrutinize all of the tools that allow your squad to succeed out on the harsh battlefields of the 41st millennium.

First, we want to take a closer look and the various weapons, tools, cybernetics, pieces of armour, and other wargear at your disposal (Chapter VI: Armoury). Make a few Logistics Tests, acquire a few pieces of gear your character wouldn’t normally use, or maybe a few you feel would be perfect for your character, then consider the following questions: How did the Logistics system work for your squad acquiring gear? Were certain things too easy or too hard to obtain? Are there armoury items that your squad feels are too powerful/useful, or too weak/ineffective? Do any of the armoury items your squad chose cause any conflicts with other rules your characters have access to (such as Talents or Skills)? Do all the Availability of the items you acquired feel accurate to their power level?

Channeling the Warp

Second, we would like to analyze the variety of psychic powers available to Sanctioned Psykers in Only War (Chapter VII: Psychic Powers). If you don’t currently have a Sanctioned Psyker in your squad, have one of your players temporarily create one to join your squad for a session, then consider the following questions: Are there certain psychic powers you found too powerful/useful, or too weak/ineffective? How does your squad’s psyker compare in effectiveness to the other members of your squad? Do the experience costs of the psychic powers feel accurate to their power levels, and affordable for an advancing psyker?

As always, remember that in addition to this week’s focus, feedback on any and all sections of the Beta is welcome, and feedback on any changes introduced in this week’s update is especially helpful.

Week Four Update (high-res pdf, 21.5 MB) Week Four Update (low-res pdf, 1.7 MB)

Make sure to remember to download this week’s update, and check the Beta support page for all the most recent updates to the Only War Beta rules.

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