17 July 2012

Only War Beta: Week Three

Updates From the Developers on the Only War Beta Test

Hello Only War Beta Testers!

Now that you have created a squad of Guardsmen, and tested them out of the field of battle, it is time to see how they grow and evolve. This week, we are interested in seeing how different characters develop as they receive experience, as well as which Skill and Talents different characters prefer. If you haven’t already, give your characters a couple game sessions worth of Experience Points (somewhere between 800 and 1,200), and then consider the following questions: How are the various characters spending their experience? Do certain classes feel like they are progressing slower or faster than any others? Are there certain Advances you want to purchase, but aren’t able to due to cost or prerequisites? Are there certain Skills or Talents that your group feels are too powerful/useful, or too weak/non-applicable?

In addition to this week’s focus, remember that feedback on any and all sections of the Beta is welcome, and feedback on any changes introduces in this week’s update is especially helpful.

Week Three Update (high-res pdf, 13.2 MB) Week Three Update (low-res pdf, 634 KB)

Make sure to remember to download this week’s update on the Beta support page for all the most recent updates to the Only War Beta rules.

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