10 July 2012

Only War Beta: Week Two

Updates From the Developers on the Only War Beta Test

Hello Only War Beta testers!

We are now entering the third week of the Only War Beta, and it’s great to see all of the enthusiasm out there for this game. This last week’s topic—Regiment and Character Creation—has generated a lot of great feedback, and the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay team will be working in the coming weeks on getting your feedback thoroughly implemented into the product.

This week, we wanted to remind everyone participating in the Beta that, in addition to discussing issues on the forum, you can also submit your feedback directly to the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay team by sending e-mails to [email protected]. And just as a reminder, when you submit your feedback via e-mail, it is most helpful to us if you consolidate multiple questions and comments into a single message, rather than sending a separate e-mail for each question or comment.

Take the Field

Last week you focused on creating new regiments and squads of characters. Now, it’s time to get those squads onto the battlefield, and start bringing The Emperor’s Justice to the enemies of Mankind! This week, we are interested in seeing how new characters perform against the challenges presented in this book. We would like you to dedicate this week to testing how well a squad of starting characters can handle the introductory adventure (Chapter XI: Against the Savages), and how they stand up against the adversaries of Only War (Chapter X: Adversaries & NPCs). As your squad takes on the horrors of the galaxy, consider the following questions: How well did your squad do in the introductory adventure (Against the Savages)? Were there encounters your squad found too hard or too easy? Did your squad get stuck or lost at any point in the adventure? Of the adversaries in Chapter X, did your group find any too easy or too hard to defeat? Did certain members of your squad do better or worse against certain adversaries?

In addition to this week’s focus, remember that feedback on any and all sections of the Beta is still welcome, and feedback on any changes introduced in this week’s update is especially helpful.

Week Two Update (high-res pdf, 13.6 MB) Week Two Update (low-res pdf, 810 KB)

Make sure to remember to download this week’s update (pdf, 810 KB) on the Beta support page for all the most recent updates to the Only War Beta rules.

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