9 May 2012

The Riches of Essos

Early Registration for Days of Ice and Fire 2012 Ends Today

“Dragons will be as great a wonder in Astapor as they were in Qarth. It may be that the slavers will shower you with gifts, as the Qartheen did. If not… these ships carry more than your Dothraki and their horses. They took on trade goods at Qarth, I’ve been through the holds and seen for myself. Bolts of silk and bales of tiger skin, amber and jade carvings, saffron, myrrh.”     –George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords

Throughout the Seven Kingdoms, the Great Houses of Westeros prepare their ships to sail. The time has come to cross the Narrow Sea for Days of Ice and Fire 2012!

Join us May 18th – 20th at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center for a weekend of intrigues, battles, and great games. From Friday through Sunday, we’ll have exciting events for A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition, Battles of Westeros, and A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, including the Minnesota Regional Championship tournament and a new strategic team format, Clash of Kings. Participants will also be able to immerse themselves in the weekend’s trivia contest, conversations with their favorite game developers, and a weekend-long meta-contest, Caravan to Vaes Dothrak, in which all participants can score points for their House and win a Dothraki feast!

It’s not too late to pre-register for three days of fun and fantasy in the world of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, but don’t delay. Early registration closes today. The ships are sailing. Register now!

Precious Cargo

Today we’re happy to show off the contents of the gift bag available to all attendees.

One of the most exciting developments is that, this year, we are able to make the Days of Ice and Fire 2012 deck box available to all who attend. The Days of Ice and Fire deck box is traditionally one of the weekend’s most coveted souvenirs, and this year’s deck box features the event’s iconic depiction of Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, as envisioned by the talented Michael Komarck.

Attendees will relive their adventures in Essos all year long with the exclusive souvenirs from the Days of Ice and Fire 2012 gift bag:

  • Days of Ice and Fire 2012 souvenir guidebook that features a range of exclusive content, including insider looks at Fantasy Flight’s Westeros-themed games, recipes for delicious dishes inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire, and a new interview with George R.R. Martin!
  • Custom Days of Ice and Fire 2012 lanyard.
  • 11” by 6” Mustering at Dragonstone art print featuring the stunning artwork of Tomasz Jedruszek.
  • Days of Ice and Fire 2012 custom deck box. Store your A Game of Thrones: The Card Game cards in the best deck box Essos has to offer!

Early Registrants Receive More

If you’re planning to attend Days of Ice and Fire, you’ll want to register now to gain even more exciting and exclusive goodies in your gift bag:

  • Forty-two House cards and rules for A Dance with Dragons, an exciting new scenario that recasts the intrigues of A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition in the time frame of A Dance with Dragons.
  • A Days of Ice and Fire 2012 Commemorative “House of Black and White” coin. Welcome to Braavos – Valar morghulis!
  • A custom souvenir Days of Ice and Fire name badge! When you pre-register, we’ll ask you to list your three favorites of the great Houses, and the earlier you register, the more likely you’ll be placed according to your first choice. Your eye-catching badge will display your name as well as your house.
  • Entry into a drawing for exciting prizes!

As she rode through the Free Cities of Essos, Daenerys was showered with gifts by those who sought a glimpse of her dragons. Now it’s your turn to enjoy the wealth of Essos when you attend Days of Ice and Fire 2012. Register now!

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