9 May 2012

Operation: Night Eagle

Announcing an Upcoming Novel Set in the War-Torn World of Tannhäuser

The Schocktruppen staggered out of the burning archway, still shooting even though his trench coat was ablaze, the luminous green lenses of his gas mask eerie points of light in the corona of flame that ate away at his body. Brown raised up his bulky flash machine gun, too heavy for any regular soldier to have used without a tripod, and let the ghoul have it, the high energy capacitor’s whine sounding shrill even over the thunder of the cannon’s roar as the Schocktruppen came apart in a hail of lead. “And that’s all Detroit has to say about that,” the burly sergeant grunted through clenched teeth. All around him were the sights and sounds of furious battle, the crackle of gunfire, the cries of the dying, and the dull roar of grenades, mixed with less familiar and far stranger phenomenon like the acrid reddish fog billowing from the keep that smelled of sulfur and blood that stole his breath away, and the weird, reverberating howls that grabbed hold of your guts like a dead man’s hand come up from hell. He was already bleeding freely from a shrapnel gash in his bicep, and he’d taken a bullet in his calf that reminded him it was still in there somewhere every time he moved, and what was worse was he was already near the end of his second ammo belt. But he’d seen worse and had worse, and this shindig wasn’t over yet.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Operation: Night Eagle, an action-packed novel set in the world of Tannhäuser!

On American Soil

When the occult-obsessed Reich sets its sights on an ancient artifact held in Washington, D.C.’s Smithsonian Castle, the ruthless Hermann Von Heïzinger plans an unprecedented raid on U.S. soil...and only Major John MacNeal and the elite soldiers of the 42nd Marines stand before them. There’s more to this mission than meets the eye, however. Why has the enigmatic Matriarchy mobilized its forces? And to whom is the mysterious mercenary Wolf truly loyal? Prepare for an epic battle that will rage deep into America’s heartland.

Visit our Operation: Night Eagle website to learn more, and look for this gripping novel at your local bookstore in the third quarter of 2012!


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