31 May 2012

National Glory

A Preview of Rising Sun, Falling Shadows, the upcoming Tannhäuser Novel

The cheering and clapping was louder than ever. The Shogun waited, beaming at the audience. Then, reaching down to the scabbard at his waist, he drew out his sword and raised it overhead. “My sons! The Emperor himself has given his blessing! Go forth secure in the knowledge that your mission, divinely inspired as it is, can have but one result!” The Shogun waved the sword as he chanted into the microphone. “Success! Success! Success!” “Seikouri! Seikouri! Seikouri!” The ranks of soldiers chanted along with him in perfectly synchronized cadence.       –Robert Jeschonek, Rising Sun, Falling Shadows

The army of the Shogunate is on the rise, and only Union Major John MacNeal and the elite soldiers of the 42nd Marines can stop their sinister plot before it’s too late! In Rising Sun, Falling Shadows, the first Tannhäuser novel, author Robert Jeschonek brings your favorite characters from the board game to brilliant life.

Dark Alliances

Rising Sun, Falling Shadows will be on store shelves in about two weeks, and today, we’re pleased to offer a taste of its gripping action. In our preview of chapter one, you were thrust behind enemy lines on a mission of stealth and intrigue. Then, in chapter two, you caught a glimpse of the mysterious Mizu, a legendary agent of the fabled Shin organization.

In today’s final preview before the novel’s release (pdf, 70 KB), you’ll meet Hiruko Orochi, a superior private in the glorious army of the Shogunate. This loyal follower of the Emperor stands at the threshold of an era of national glory. Why, then, does he feel so uneasy? And who are the shadowy and unsettling foreigners he’s seen fraternizing with his commander?

Check out this exciting preview, and look for Rising Sun, Falling Shadows in just two weeks!


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