26 April 2012

The Community Wizard is Conjuring

Thanks to your participation and patience…

[Updated: 4/26/2012]

We would like to thank everyone who continues to provide feedback, suggestions, and bug reports on the Community Wizard since the announcement of our open beta.

As with all beta tests, issues will be encountered then solved. We would appreciate if you would make us aware of any issues you experience. All reports are invaluable as we fine-tune and correct all known issues. We have already begun implementing the following:

  • Accept all known valid postal codes and systems in use, without exception, from around the world.
  • Offer improved and consistent search results regardless of scope or geographical range.
  • Streamline the account upgrade process to assist retailers, game clubs and conventions.
  • Speed up page load and access times for all users, across the entire website.
  • Refine and improve the built-in map functionality.

Please contact [email protected] should you encounter any technical difficulties while using this site. Don't hesitate to offer any insights you feel might be helpful to the development team as more people make use of this service. Thanks to your participation and patience a powerful new tool for community-building is now available.

We believe you'll find the final results worthwhile.

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