8 February 2012 | Event Center

An Age of War (and fun!)

Participate in a free Warhammer: Invasion tournament on February 26th at 2 PM

This is a dark age, a bloody age, in a world seething with conflict. Breathe in the stench of constant bloodshed. Listen to the agonised screams of the dying and the harsh cries of the triumphant. These conflicts have raged for thousands of years; every nation and race is locked in a struggle for supremacy. And yet, victory can still be wrestled from the fires of battle…     –Warhammer, “An Age of War”

Chaos marauders threaten the Empire of Man on its northern border. Dark Elves hatch nefarious plots in Naggaroth, fueled by hatred of their High Elf kin. Stalwart Dwarfs secure their karaks against the threat of massive Greenskin armies, waiting for the onslaught and the chances to settle their ancient grudges…

Join us at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center on February 26th for a Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game tournament for players of all experience levels, from battle-scarred veterans to new recruits just undertaking their first skirmishes.

This event is free for all participants, making it an excellent chance to get started, and the Event Center is generously offering one Battle Pack and content from the most recent Game Night Kit as prize support.

What do I need to know?

  • The tournament begins February 26th at 2 PM. Please arrive early to the Event Center to be included for initial pairings.
  • Cost? Free!
  • This tournament is being organized largely to welcome new players to the growing and enthusiastic Warhammer: Invasion ranks, but players still need to create legal tournament decks, following the most recent tournament guidelines (pdf, 328 KB) and those of the most recent FAQ (pdf, 1.3 MB), both of which are available on the game’s support page. (Please pay attention to the FAQ’s list of “Restricted” cards.)

No surrender. No hard feelings.

January’s tournament featured a friendly, positive atmosphere, and we anticipate the growth of our community with more new players. Thus, we want to continue to keep these games positive. This also means that if you’ve been hesitant about participating in a Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game tournament, this event is a great time to test your armies and meet the other friendly gamers who share an interest in this fast-paced game of fantasy warfare.

Come join us at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center on February 26th at 2 PM to play some Warhammer: Invasion, burn some capitals, and make some new friends!

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