11 December 2012

Investigate the World of Fireborn With Agent Scott Baker

Read the Second Chapter of Ritual of Fire, an Upcoming Novel

In the world of Fireborn, powerful scions of an age of high fantasy walk the streets of modern London, oblivious to their true nature. Unknowingly, they carry within them the spirits of reincarnated dragons. Ritual of Fire, an upcoming novel written by Jordan Ellinger, follows MI5 agent Scott Baker in the streets of London.

When we last left agent Baker, he had barely escaped the blaze of an incendiary bomb, but there was more than the burning building that threatened his life. Now, he has begun to suspect a terrifying truth. Something seems to be taking control of London’s most influential leaders, and that shocking discovery has thrust Baker into a fight for his life. What mystical force is behind this apparent takeover? How does it relate to Baker’s increasingly disturbing visions?

Burning Questions and Burnt Buildings

In the second chapter of Ritual of Fire, agent Baker attempts to relate the fantastic events that took place within the burning building to the suspicious London authorities. How did Baker survive where so many others did not? Terrifying visions plague the exhausted agent, and the mystery surrounding Elsa Green deepens.

Download the second chapter (pdf, 299 kb) of Ritual of Fire, and keep checking back for news of its release at the end of the month!

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