27 November 2012

Meet Agent Scott Baker

Preview the First Chapter of Ritual of Fire, the Upcoming Fireborn Novel

In September, we announced Ritual of Fire, an upcoming novel written by Jordan Ellinger. In the world of Fireborn, powerful scions walk the streets of modern London, oblivious to their true nature. Unknowingly, they carry within them the spirits of reincarnated dragons from an age of high fantasy. As magic begins to emerge once more in the 21st century, long-dormant memories begin to flood the minds of these scions, reminding them of their mystical heritage.

Now, MI5 agent Scott Baker has begun to suspect a terrifying truth. Something seems to be taking control of London’s most influential leaders, and that shocking discovery has thrust Baker into a fight for his life. What mystical force is behind this apparent takeover? How does it relate to Baker’s increasingly disturbing visions?

An Explosive Start

In this first chapter of Ritual of Fire, the reader is introduced to Agent Baker as he attempts to escape a burning department store in the aftermath of an incendiary explosion. Baker is trying desperately to navigate the blaze in order to locate and save Elsa Green, the politician he’s been assigned to protect.

Download the first chapter (pdf, 291 KB) of Ritual of Fire, and keep checking back for news of its release in a few short weeks!

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