13 November 2012

Week Eleven

An Update on the STAR WARS(R): Edge of the Empire Beta Test

Hello Edge of the Empire Beta Testers!

This week marks the final update for the Edge of the Empire Beta. We at FFG want to thank everyone who’s participated over the past three months. Your input and tireless testing has been invaluable to making this the best game it can be. Thank you.

With regards to this week’s update, we’d like to call your attention to several changes. First, we’ve changed the way auto-fire, two weapon fighting, and linked work (again). This time, our change does increase auto-fire’s activation cost to two advantage, as does two weapon fighting. However, the concept of “walking fire” (hitting multiple targets with a single burst) is now limited to two weapon fire and auto-fire specifically (it does not exist as a general rule). Overall, this accomplishes the following:

  1. Linked weapons are more accurate, but can only put fire onto a single target.
  2. Two weapon fighting is less accurate, but can benefit from the qualities of two individual weapons, and can hit two separate targets.
  3. Auto-fire is less accurate, but has no limit on the number of hits it can score, and can hit separate targets.

Another major change this week is that Toughened now increases a character’s wound threshold by +2, rather than +1. This means that wound thresholds increase more over a character’s lifespan, allowing them to better match the increasing damage of improved weapons and higher combat skills.

Week 11 update (Low-res pdf, 3.3 MB) Week 11 update (High-res pdf, 6.2 MB)

There are several more limited changes as well that we encourage you to look at.

So what happens next? Well, just because we won’t be posting additional updates does not mean we won’t be paying attention to your feedback. As we continue working on the final book, we’ll continue to appreciate your input on the forums, which will remain operational for the foreseeable future. So for those of you willing, please keep up the excellent work. And again, thanks to everyone involved.

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