1 November 2012

Unleash the Frankenstahl

The Latest Tannhäuser Single Miniature Pack Is Now on Sale

The black alchemy of Baron Oberst Reimard Von Karloff, along with the magic of the hermetics that serve him, bring the writhing mass of flesh and pistons known as the Frankenstahl to life. Enemies of the Reich cannot deny the danger this poses, both to the freedom of the world and to the very laws of nature themselves.

The Frankenstahl Single Miniature Pack, an expansion for Tannhäuser, is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore! This horrifying expansion includes one beautifully painted figure and accompanying character sheet, a twelve-page rulebook with an all-new scenario, and all the tokens and equipment cards necessary to bring this deadly abomination to your battles.

Vengeance on the Living

Though citizens of the Reich are taught to swear undying allegiance to their nation, few understand the horrifyingly literal meaning this vow can take. Those conscripted into the service of the Reich’s 18th Eisendivision are, upon death, placed on ice to await the scalpels of Baron Oberst Reimard Von Karloff and his ethically flexible surgeo-techs. When the need arises, their bodies are sewn together and pumped full of vitriolic adrenaline. Their souls are torn back from the afterlife, and electricity is grounded through their body. The rage trapped within the abomination brings the monsters known as Frankenstahls to life, screaming in pain and horror.

The arms of these tortured machine-men are forced into weapons created to both destroy the enemy and instill abject terror, harnessing the monsters’ anger and pain. From cannons on their arms, eerily luminescent sludge is splattered over the battlefield, eating into armor and freezing up as the resinous liquid hardens. Meanwhile, massive hydraulic hammer hands clamp into and tear holes in the sides of tanks and stone alike. When one Frankenstahl takes the field, even the most experienced of soldiers runs in fear; but when the Reich unleashes an entire squad of these unholy horrors, few foes are left to tell the tale.

Check out fan Jeremiah Terry's series of previews, then head to your local retailer to unleash the Frankenstahl on your Tannhäuser games!

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