25 October 2012 | FFG Hall of Heroes

A Champion of Chaos

We Induct Another 2012 Champion to the Hall of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes exists to celebrate those champions, past and present, who have etched their names into the histories of their games.

Accordingly, members are not inducted to the Hall of Heroes lightly. Its chambers are reserved exclusively for players of the very finest caliber: World Champions, North American Champions, European Champions, and National Champions. In the Hall of Heroes, champions can be recognized for their achievements, longtime players can revisit the glories of past competitions, and new players can learn more about their games, their strategies, and the people who have set the bar for future challengers.

As you may expect, many of these champions build up their resumés of the course of years, coming into their games and studying under masters before eventually grasping both the fundamentals and subtleties of their games to rise to the top. Others earn glory in more dramatic fashions, sweeping toward their first victories on the grandest of stages.

Today, we are proud to induct a champion who exploded onto the scene at Gen Con Indy 2012, taking the Old World by storm during the Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game North American Championships.

Adam Daulton

Our 2012 Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game North American Champion, Adam Daulton reminds us that skill, dedication, and focus are more important in the moment than any number of previous victories.

Adam started playing Warhammer: Invasion in March of 2011 and attended the World Championships at Gen Con Indy 2011 where he didn’t place. At the 2012 Louisville Regional, he didn’t place, but when the chips were down at the 2012 North American Championships, Adam played his Chaos deck masterfully, riding to victory on the strength of his Call the Brayherd (Fiery Dawn, 114) deck.

Adam felt that the fact all four Indy players won their first round matches was one of the tournament’s highlights, and he offered us a few words about the final match:

It was cool to play against Steve in the final. He is the main organizer in Louisville, and I am the main organizer in Indy. He playtested quite a bit against a Brayherd deck and said his deck didn’t fare very well against it, so I was hoping for good results. The first game went well for me, but in game two, I didn’t anticipate his Manaan Take You (March of the Damned, 10), and he wiped out my Kingdom. I was then a single resource short the whole game, and he got the victory. The final game was really close, but I was able to get Call the Brayherd out on the last turn and overwhelm him.

Adam also shared his thoughts with us on how The Bloodquest Cycle has changed the dynamic of Warhammer: Invasion for competitive play:

I think the quests are becoming more legit an option. Usually around here, the only quest that has ever seen play has been Offering of Hekarti (The Fourth Waystone, 97), but now the Chaos quest Beastman Incursion (The Accursed Dead, 60), can make an opponent skip a battlefield phase to prevent unit loss. And the new Dwarf quest, New Trade Route (Rising Dawn, 18), allows for the questing unit’s power to be counted in the kingdom. I think quests have more opportunity in the game.

You can learn more about Adam Daulton at his place of honor on FFG’s website.

Looking to the Future

Soon, Adam Daulton will be on hand in Roseville, MN, competing against a host of other current and former champions for the title of 2012 Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game World Champion. But Adam’s sudden success on the greatest of stages is a reminder that even among a room full of champions, there’s no guarantee that any of them will carry the day. Ultimately, the day is won by the player who plays the best.

Will you earn your laurels on the greatest of all stages? Will you become the next World Champion? Register now to join us for the FFG World Championship Weekend, and take your shot at glory.

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