23 October 2012

Week Eight

An Update on the STAR WARS(R): Edge of the Empire Beta Test

Hello Edge of the Empire Beta Testers!

This week marks the eighth week in Beta Testing. We’ve seen a lot of changes in that time. Now, we’d like to slow down our rate of updates and give you, the Beta testers, a chance to digest and actually test some of them.

Next week we will not be posting an update. Instead, we’ll take the next two weeks to observe feedback and allow you to take the time to process all the changes we’ve introduced to the Beta so far.

Week 8 update (Low-res pdf, 3 MB) Week 8 update (High-res pdf, 5.6 MB)

Also, this is a good time to remind everyone that not all the changes that will make it into the final book will make it into the weekly Beta updates. One of these are proofreading changes. Those of you who’ve devoted time to proofreading have done an impressive job, and your work has not been for naught. However, the amount of time it would take to note these changes in the weekly updates would be extensive and in the end, counter-productive. It would be easier to implement those changes into the actual book, instead.

However, this week we do have some additional updates. First and foremost, we’ve introduced defensive talents into several different talent trees, greatly expanding their availability. Although not every tree has access to Dodge, Side Step, Defensive Stance, or Enduring (or Toughened or Grit, for that matter), they are more widely available. More importantly, every career has access to these abilities (although some careers have greater access than others, of course).

Also, we’ve adjusted damage on some of the larger-scale starship weapons. Ion cannons are one major change; since most starships have smaller system strain thresholds, having ion cannons deal less damage ensures these weapons are effective without being overpowered compared to others.

Thanks again, everyone. We look forward to hearing your feedback over the next two weeks!

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