2 October 2012

Week Five

An Update on the STAR WARS(R): Edge of the Empire Beta Test

Hello Edge of the Empire Beta testers!

After the wealth of new information we introduced last week, this week’s update is somewhat smaller. It focuses on two separate tweaks, as well as the smaller changes associated with them.

First, we’ve eliminated the Surveillance skill. All of the tasks handled by the Surveillance skill can be covered by one of three other skills: Computers, Perception, or Stealth. Since Surveillance is removed as a skill, the various careers and specializations that included Surveillance as a career skill gain new career skills instead.

The second major change is the introduction of the Adversary talent. The Adversary talent is a unique ranked talent that is only given to NPCs. It’s designed to replace all other defensive abilities for NPCs, and allows GMs to give mid or high-level adversaries defensive buffs without having to actively track a wide variety of abilities.

Week 5 Update (low-res pdf, 2.3 MB) Week 5 Update (high-res pdf, 5.2 MB)

There are a fair number of changes in the Adversaries chapter, most of them to update profiles with this new talent. As always, we appreciate your participation and we look forward to your feedback!

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