18 October 2012 | FFG Hall of Heroes

Battle-Tested and Triumphant

We Induct Two More Worlds-Bound Champions to the Hall of Heroes

This November 9th – 11th, warriors, cultists, generals, criminals, corporate executives, investigators, hot-shot pilots, and legends from across the globe will head to the new battlegrounds of Roseville, MN to vie for the World Championships of their favorite games.

Today, we’re happy to announce that our next two inductees to the Hall of Heroes will both be on hand in Roseville to stake their claims for world domination!

Battle-Tested Heroes

The Hall of Heroes exists to celebrate the greatest champions of our Organized Play games. Its members are not inducted lightly. Instead, they include World Champions, North American Champions, European Champions, and National Champions who have etched their names into the histories of their games.

Today, we’re proud to induct two more competitors who know a little something about battle:

2012 Dust Warfare North American Champion, Louis Gentile 2012 Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game Polish National Champion, Michal Miszczuk

Louis Gentile

As the 2012 Dust Warfare North American Champion and the 2011 Dust Tactics World Championship Runner-Up, Louis Gentile quickly established himself as one of the greatest generals in the alternate 1940s reality world of Dust Tactics!

  • Dust Warfare North American Champion – 2012
  • Dust Tactics North American Championship, Top 8 – 2012
  • Dust Tactics Regional Champion – 2012
  • Dust Tactics World Championship, 2nd – 2011

Louis is a dual-threat in both Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare. Still, even though he’s been playing Dust Warfare since the game released, the North American Championship Tournament at Gen Con Indy was his first tournament experience in the game.

Louis shares his thoughts on the differences between the games:

“I feel that in Tactics there is much more importance on your list and being able predict what moves your opponent will make. Tactics plays at a much faster rate, and most units tend to die after just one attack. Each individual move ends up being much more important than in Warfare. In Warfare, the synergy of the force as a whole is much more important; units last longer, real military tactics become viable, and you can win battles even if your opponent seems to have a hard counter on paper.”

You can learn more about Louis Gentile at his place of honor in the Hall of Heroes.

Michal Miszczuk

Michal Miszczuk rose above more than eighty other participants to win the 2012 Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game Polish National Championship. For his efforts, he earned the right to represent Poland at the inaugural FFG World Championship Weekend in Roseville, MN.

  • Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game Polish National Champion – 2012
  • Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game Regional Championship (Torun), 5th – 2012
  • Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game Polish National Championship, 8th – 2011

Michal’s unorthodox deck construction for the Polish National Championship featured two copies of most of his cards, rather than the traditional three copies, meaning he had fewer chances of drawing any one given card. However, his deck diversity meant that he also had more different answers to the challenges he faced, and few can deny the efficacy of his approach.

The Polish community for Warhammer: Invasion features many of the game’s best players, and Michal managed to find the answers to thwart them all. Will he find more success at the FFG World Championship Weekend, or will the diversity of the event’s international play styles take him by surprise? This November, we’ll find out when we crown a new Warhammer: Invasion World Champion!

You can learn more about Michal Miszczuk at his place of honor in the Hall of Heroes.

Come Join the World’s Best!

As these two battle-tested champions can verify, one shot is all you need to seize victory and glory. They made their shots count when the chance was ripe. Will you?

Pre-register now for the FFG World Championship Weekend to join Louis Gentile, Michal Miszczuk, and a host of other fantastic players for a celebration of fantastic games and sportsmanship! Pre-registration closes October 26th, so don’t delay.

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