16 October 2012

Week Seven

An Update on the STAR WARS(R): Edge of the Empire Beta Test

Hello Edge of the Empire Beta testers!

This week, we’ve changed the pricing on skills and additional specializations to what we feel accomplishes our design goals for advancement. We’ve decreased the cost on non-career skills while increasing the total cost of specializations. Our goal with this design change is to encourage people to take on new specializations for the talents they offer, not the new career skills they provide.

At the same time, the theoretically limitless number of available specializations means character progression has no actual caps, but the constantly increasing cost means progression slows down as the game progresses. It also encourages players to focus on their first few specializations instead of rapidly purchasing as many as possible, but at the same time does not force them to do so. 

Week 7 update (Low-res pdf, 2.9 MB) Week 7 update (High-res pdf, 5.4 MB)

The other changes this week focus on tweaking some other aspects of the game: the encumbrance capacity on some starships and vehicles, a new ability for droid player characters, and some additional tweaks to Force powers.

Thanks again everyone, and keep up the good work!

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