16 October 2012 | FFG Hall of Heroes

A Clash of Kings

Five Inductees to the Hall of Heroes Are All Headed to Worlds

“Kings have no friends,” Stannis said bluntly, “only subjects and enemies.”     –George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

Today, we proudly induct five new, thoroughly deserving members to the Hall of Heroes. Each of these champions has stamped his name across the pages of competitive play for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, and each is coming to throw down for the Iron Throne at the FFG World Championship Weekend!

Who are these five kings? We have the reigning North American Champion, the reigning Joust World Champion, and three more former World Champions whose legacies read like a history of the game itself.

Gregory Atkinson

A two-time World Champion, Gregory Atkinson won in 2004 and 2009. Since he last seized the crown, however, he has not been idle. He narrowly missed out on the 2011 Overall Championship after placing fourth in the Melee and second in the Joust.

You can find more information about Gregory Atkinson in the Hall of Heroes.

John Bruno

The 2005 World Champion, John Bruno, or “mathlete,” is well known among the members of the A Game of Thrones online community, particularly among those who attend the Regional Championships he wins with regularity in his home state, California.

You can find more information about John Bruno in the Hall of Heroes.

Matt Ley

The 2006 World Champion, Matt Ley has been playing since A Game of Thrones was first released in 2002. Since then, he has attended every Gen Con championship event and has frequently shared his insights into the game as a guest writer for FFG.

You can find more information about Matt Ley in the Hall of Heroes.

Dan Seefeldt

The inaugural and reigning North American Champion, Dan Seefeldt emerged victorious from the intrigues and battles of Gen Con Indy 2012. This November, he’ll seek to conquer the world, facing off against other champions, both former and international.

You can find more information about Dan Seefeldt in the Hall of Heroes.

Brett Zeiler

A two-time World Champion, and the only player to have held both the Joust and Melee World Champion titles, Brett Zeiler returns to the A Game of Thrones: The Card Game World Championships as the current holder of the Joust title.

You can find more information about Brett Zeiler in the Hall of Heroes.

Swear Your Allegiance, or Crown Yourself King

Stannis Baratheon claimed that kings have no friends, but that’s not entirely true. The A Game of Thrones: The Card Game tournament community has long been friendly and welcoming, and you can join Gregory, John, Matt, Dan, and Brett at the FFG World Championship Weekend to lend your support or to stake your own claim for the Iron Throne.

With contestants like these five, the 2012 A Game of Thrones World Championship is bound to be an epic event. Pre-register now to reserve your spot for this celebration of top-tier A Game of Thrones gameplay.

Will one of these former kings rise to rule once again, or will you throw them down and stride forward into the Hall of Heroes?

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