20 January 2012

Culinary Adventures Await

A la carte, a dexterity game for 2-4 players, is available

Prepare fantastic dishes using the perfect blend of heat and spices, and become the next great chef in A la carte. Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce that this game of dexterity and delicacies and its expansion Dessert are both available now at retailers and in our webstore. Compete against your friends and family to see who has what it takes to become a first-class cook.

Spice things up

With just a stove and a pan, each player starts on the road to culinary genius. Then chefs take turns selecting dishes, adjusting the heat on their stoves, and seasoning their creations. Players can even take coffee breaks, during which they can try to sabotage the opponents’ dishes, or even save their own creations from the garbage can.

This madcap game all comes down to who has the best skills in the kitchen. Each time a chef attempts to spice a dish, he must try to pour the correct amount out of a seasoning container. Adding the right amount of seasoning is a difficult task, and getting the perfect pour from the seasoning container is a rare feat. To make the process even more challenging, each container also has salt which can ruin a dish if too much ends up in the pan. However, adeptly pouring spices yields the perfect dish, and creating three perfect dishes wins the game outright. 

Cooks can also whip up a quick crepe to get ahead of their rivals. In order to finish a crepe, the crepe token must be flipped using the pan before the crepe burns. If a player fails to flip the crepe too many times, it burns and becomes ruined, and he’ll have to start a new dish. All the time spent making the crepe will be wasted, as other cooks continue to complete dishes.

Something for your sweet tooth

In Dessert, the A la carte expansion, players can attempt to perfect brand new dishes, use a new seasoning jar with every seasoning but no salt, or create a secret menu item, which earns them bonus victory points at the end of the game. In addition, Dessert comes with another stove and pan, so now you can play A la carte with up to 5 players.

Things are heating up in the kitchen, and you can be part of the action in A la carte and its expansion Dessert. Get these products today at your retailer or in our webstore and become the next great chef.

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