30 September 2011

Kill with a Whisper… Or a Shout

Mizu and Itami, two Shogunate expansions for Tannhäuser, are now on sale

The blue-skinned giant strode across the battlefield. Bullets sang through the air in every direction, but the Union infantry couldn’t tell if their bullets bounced off the giant’s hide or simply missed. Such was their terror at his approach. As he raced toward them, swatting down those soldiers who tried to face him, two privates fled into the castle they were supposed to defend. One heard a soft thud as he ran and turned back to see his companion fallen, blood pooling from his wounds. He thought he saw a shadow moving out the corner of his eye…

Bring the furious might of the Shogunate to glory with two new single figure hero expansions for Tannhäuser, Mizu and Itami, both of which are now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore.

Like a whisper in the night

Serving as an “international liason” for the Shogunate, Mizu Kage prefers to conduct her diplomacy with Willow and Winding Stream, her deadly sai blades. Currently, Mizu operates with a directive from the Lord of Spiritual Wellness Yami Seimei to collect information that the Shogunate’s Reich allies have been withholding. With her sai, shuriken, and happo, she can decide to tread a path of blood or conduct an infiltration, unseen and unheard.

Otherworldly powers

A unique mix of man and monster, Itami is a blue-skinned, horned Oni with rippling muscles whom the Shogunate have placed in Iroh Minamoto’s 3rd Division. There, they hope he can make use of the strange powers he draws from Naraka, the Realm of Suffering. Itami can wrack others with pain and bend their very wills, and an unholy penumbra that seeps out of his every pore drains the life essences of those around him. Enemy combatants tremble at the primal suffering in his bellowing voice.

Mizu and Itami each come complete with a sculpted and painted miniature, character sheet, tokens, and equipment cards. The rulebook included with either hero details the Nippon Accord, which allows players to team Shogunate units with Reich allies, or to build teams comprised solely of Shogunate forces. The rulebooks also include unique scenarios designed to pit Mizu and her team against that of a thief from the Union or Matriarchy, or to test Itami and the limits of his strange abilities against a demon of the Reich.

Terrorize other forces with two of the Shogunate’s finest warriors. Pick up these Tannhäuser hero expansions today at your local retailer or on our webstore!

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