23 September 2011

Dark Secrets Revealed

Learn more about the special events and goodies in store for Arkham Nights 2011

Sometimes in the autumn, about two in the morning when winds and animals howl dismally, there comes from inconceivable depths below a damnable suggestions of rhythmical throbbing…     –H.P. Lovecraft, The Transition of Juan Romero

Autumn has arrived, and soon Roseville, MN shall play host to the madness of Arkham Nights 2011!

As attendees make their way from distant realms, treading across Outer Worlds and through mysterious portals, we look forward to a weekend of Lovecraftian horror and suspense. What new perils and rewards await those brave investigators who make their past the doors of the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center?

Hard evidence

Acquire hard evidence of your travels beyond the realm of the ordinary when you attend Arkham Nights 2011. All attendees get evidence bags loaded with souvenirs of your harrowing adventures:

  • An Arkham Nights 2011 lanyard
  • Yellow Sign dice bag (also great for random monsters!)
  • Printed artwork from Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game
  • New Ancient Ones for Arkham Horror and Elder Sign
  • A 24-page Arkham Nights 2011 booklet (see below for contents)

The two new Ancient Ones in your evidence bag are certain to test every last ounce of your willpower and stamina. Arkham Horror players will find a challenging new Hastur, ready to test your sanity. Meanwhile, Daoloth makes an appearance for Elder Sign. Both of these Ancient Ones are exclusive promotions for Arkham Nights 2011.

Additionally, the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center will have multiple copies of the Print on Demand expansions for Mansions of Madness available for sale at the counter. Save the cost of shipping by picking up your copies of the Season of the Witch and The Silver Tablet expansions during Arkham Nights 2011.

Pre-registered attendees also receive custom name tags and the chances to work with a designer to create a new Mansions of Madness Print on Demand scenario (see our Terms and Conditions), play games with the design team for each game, and win other prizes, including Arkham Horror Investigators, Mansions of Madness Print on Demand scenarios, and more!

Investigate forbidden lore

When Arkham Nights 2011 attendees explore their 24-page booklets, they’ll find exclusive lore and arcana:

  • A Tour of Lovecraft Country – A guide to the expansions for Arkham Horror
  • Worship the Darkness or Fight It – Two Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game deck lists
  • To the Barricades! (2011) – A massive scenario for Arkham Horror
  • An interview with designers Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson
  • An excerpt from Dance of the Damned, the first novel in The Lord of Nightmares Trilogy
  • A preview of Forbidden Alchemy
  • A preview of another upcoming Mansions of Madness Print on Demand scenario not yet announced to the public

Gathering in the autumn dark

Fans of Mansions of Madness have further reason to rejoice as we’ll have a special Mansions of Madness: Forbidden Alchemy preview event in which players can sit with the developer to play this game before it releases. This must-have expansion for Mansions of Madness introduces three new scenarios and four new investigators, and attendees at Arkham Nights 2011 will be the first to play!

Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson will determine this year’s costume contest winner, who will receive a trophy, and there will also be a trophy for the Fan Favorite costume.

Finally, attendees may wish to review the Arkham Nights 2011 support page for details on event discounts with cooperating hotels.

With all of this Lovecraftian madness, the greatest insanity is not to pre-register for Arkham Nights 2011 right now!


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