2 September 2011

Enter the Shogunate

Iroh and the Shogunate Troop Pack, two Tannhäuser expansions, are on sale

One of the most well-known agents of the Imperial Throne is Shogun Hatamoto’s right-hand man: Iroh “the Daimyo” Minamoto. Records show that Iroh was among the first subjects to officially come from the mysterious Han’ei Project, though there is no record of him before 1946. His sound leadership suggests years of study, and he shows no fear of death, despite conflicting reports that he has fallen in several decisive battles. Iroh has been sighted in several major conflicts between the Shogunate and other nations on the mainland, the blades of his daisho bringing down fully armed soldiers with ease.

Two new miniature packs for Tannhäuser, the board game of horror and heroism in the Great War, are now available at your local retailer and on our webstore!

Iroh Minamoto, a seemingly immortal samurai warrior, cuts through the toughest of opponents. Need some backup? The Shogunate Troop Pack can reinforce your team with two additional figures. These versatile warriors can be the first of your future Shogunate forces, or you can ally them with your existing Reich team; they are the first exciting expansions for the all-new Shogunate faction, an ancient warrior culture with its own shadowy agenda.

A fearsome warrior and his loyal followers

Often called simply “the Daimyo,” Iroh Minamoto has a dossier as impressive as his reputation. No matter haw many times he is defeated, Iroh and his katana continue to return to the battlefield, unperturbed and ready for another fight. Meanwhile, divisions of Ashigaru march against the enemies of the Shogun Hatamoto, and highly trained agents of the elusive “Shin” use the cover of darkness to accomplish their goals.

The Iroh single miniature pack for Tannhäuser contains one painted Iroh figure with a character sheet, 12 game tokens, 11 equipment cards, and a 12-page rulebook that includes a dedicated scenario. If you’re looking for more, the Shogunate Troop Pack includes one painted Ashigaru figure and one Shin Agent figure, each with character sheets. This, along with 24 game tokens, 17 equipment cards, and a 12-page rulebook with an included scenario, lets you add these versatile killers to your Reich or Shogunate team.

A shadowy new faction is rising in the Far East. Head to your local retailer to add them to your battles!

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