24 August 2011

Veiled Secrets in the Far East

Announcing Operation: Hinansho, a new campaign expansion for Tannhäuser

While the Union continues to pit new technology against the Reich’s occult magic, the Matriarchy teeters on the brink of civil war due to the rise of the New Guard. Still, the great nations all find themselves with new questions when the forces of Japan send their armies into continental Asia and take Tianjin on the coast of China…

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce an upcoming campaign expansion for Tannhäuser, Operation: Hinansho!

With the Shogunate’s entrance into the war, East Asia draws more attention from the other great powers. Operation: Hinansho expands the Tannhäuser campaign with new maps, rules, secrets, and espionage as it explores intrigues in Japan and the South China Sea.

Enter the Shogunate

A new campaign expansion, Operation: Hinansho transports players to the Far East where the great powers seek answers to the mysteries of the unexplained crash of a Union plane and the sudden abandonment of a Japanese research facility on the island of Hokkaido.

While the great powers react to the Shogunate’s entry to the war, Operation: Hinansho exposes the growing enmity between the Shogunate and Matriarchy. It also outlines new rules for allied forces. The Nippon Accord forged between Shogunate and Reich forces allows players to field a team composed from both powers, and the UMTOMA treaty, signed in response, lets players combine forces from the Union and Matriarchy.

New scenarios give you many exciting ways to pit these allied forces against each other, including optional rules for fielding larger teams on multiple maps.

Fields of intrigue

Operation: Hinansho comes with a double-sided map, and each side depicts a location full of intrigue. The great powers race to recover the secrets from the crashed Union airplane at the Okinawa Crash Site in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, an abandoned research base in northern Japan, Kitamon, is shrouded in mystery as no one knows why it was deserted. Only those who open its sealed doors will be able to uncover the truth.

New rules, circle types, and tokens enhance the story as players can make use of Locked Door circles, Sniper Circles, Covert tokens, and more. Volatile rubble tokens represent new dangers on the battlefield as they explode and deal automatic attack successes against any character who passes through their circles. Operation: Hinansho also gives players all the tokens they need to play the Shogunate faction independently in any scenario and on any map in your Tannhäuser collection.

Seize the initiative

As the great powers turn their attentions to the Far East, will you have what it takes to fend off rival forces and recover vital information? Be the first to uncover the secrets of the Okinawa Crash Site and Kitamon research base. Operation: Hinansho is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2011!

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