11 August 2011

Abandoned Technologies Reclaimed

Announcing Natalya, a single figure expansion for Tannhäuser

Natalya’s Kostjak Bronka Apparat rang against the tunnel’s stone floor as she marched. Oksana had promoted her to Vtrogo Lejtenant and entrusted her with the task of leading an UMTOMA strike force through the catacombs leading to a Reich outpost. She could hear guards moving into position around the corner. Her troops looked at her, and Natalya readied her Volta Lightning Cannon. She did not want to disappoint Oksana.

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce Natalya, a single figure hero expansion for Tannhäuser. A naturally gifted scientist and tinkerer, Natalya helped Oksana explore the abandoned technologies of Kizhi and worked to improve them. Now she serves Oksana and her New Guard as 2nd Lieutenant, marching into battle in her Kostjak Bronka Apparat (KBA) suit. With the KBA suit, she gains protection from harm and always has a weapon at the ready for hand-to-hand combat. She can repair her KBA suit when necessary and benefits from its resiliency as she wields her devastating Volta Lightning Cannon, which is able to target multiple combatants with a single blast.

The price of loyalty

Natalya is an Epic Hero and comes with additional rules for inclusion in your team. Her primary loyalty is to Oksana, whom she believes to be a reborn hero of the bylinas in the flesh. This means she can serve the Matriarchy, or follow Oksana to the Union. Or with the rules for the UMTOMA, Natalya can serve the tenuous alliance between Matriarchy and Union forces, created to oppose the Reich and Shogunate forces united by the Nippon Accord.

Though she holds the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the New Guard, Natalya is happiest to follow the orders of her superiors, quickly mobilizing for battle in her Kostjak Bronka Apparat suit. Her keen mind and natural aptitude make her invaluable to the Matriarchy and New Guard as she learns from Union mechanics and applies her technology in the war against the forces that threaten the motherland.

Natalya comes complete with a sculpted and painted miniature, character sheet, tokens, and equipment cards. The included rulebook details the UMTOMA treaty between the Matriarchy and Union as well as rules for including Natalya in your team as an Epic Hero. The rulebook also includes a unique scenario to test her leadership skills and the resilience of her KBA suit.

Incorporate the genius of this natural tinkerer into your team when she reinforces Oksana and her New Guard in the fourth quarter of 2011.

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