19 July 2011 | Event Center

A Champion Has Been Crowned

A recap of the Warhammer Fantasy 'Ard Boyz Finals at the Event Center

The dust has settled and a champion has been crowned!

The Warhammer Fantasy ‘Ard Boyz Tournament at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center has drawn to a close. Though the battles were fierce and bloody, and the competitors fought valiantly, when the final blow fell only one could be declared victorious. Rob Henderson of Oklahoma led his Daemon army to triumph, barely eclipsing the Minnesotan Jeremy Aebly and his Skaven army. Mark Weiss of North Dakota rallied from a mid-tournament defeat to lead his Dark Elves to a narrow third-place win.

The faction breakdown:

  • 3 Daemon Armies
  • 2 Skaven Armies
  • 1 Brettonian Army
  • 1 Dark Elf Army
  • 1 High Elf Army
  • 1 Lizardmen Army
  • 1 Orcs Army
  • 1 Ogre Army

The tournament saw a diverse spread of factions and states represented by the eleven finalists. With players representing Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Minnesota, a diverse range of strategies and play styles ensured a vibrant competition. All agreed the event was a success, so keep watching for the Event Center’s next exciting competition!

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