13 July 2011

Prepare to Conquer Italy

The rules for Ventura are now available

“The chief foundations of all states, new as well as old or composite, are good laws and good arms; and as there cannot be good laws where the state is not well armed, it follows that where they are well armed they have good laws.”The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli

In an age of great battles, will your strategy, your army, and your family coffers be enough to claim your opponents’ territories? Ventura, the board game of noble campaigns for capital supremacy, will be released in the third quarter of 2011!

A leader must always be alert and wise...and sometimes ruthless. Find out how to establish your dominance over your neighbors when you read the rules (pdf, 30.7 MB), available for download from the Ventura support page. Then head to your local retailer to place your pre-order today!

The ensuing battles

In Ventura 2-4 players join one of four historical households vying for great economic and territorial authority. Recruit Captains of Fortune and other military troops to your service for a fee, but be careful to choose wisely and spend your florins on worthy soldiers. Then rush into the fray, occupy your opponents’ territories by defeating their army in battle. To win, a player must either conquer an opponent’s City or acquire 30 Victory Points.

With unique components such as over 120 plastic pieces and over 100 cards, as well as a continually random game board that is constructed by the players, Ventura will whisk players into a world of warring mercenaries and noble families that is replayable time and again.

Will your Captains of Fortune live up to their title? Discover if you can seize control of Italy’s burgeoning wealth when Ventura is released in a few weeks!

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