7 June 2011

Welcome to London

Presenting the second chapter preview of Embers of Atlantis, a novel by Tracy Hickman

“The grey-suited creature had become more animal than man. It heard the gunfire and dropped down on all fours without missing a stride, rushing purposefully directly toward Collette–its blood-red eyes fixed on her. It need a hostage. It needed prey.”Embers of Atlantis, Tracy Hickman

Continue your foray into the world of ancient mythical scions in the modern world with a preview of Embers of Atlantis’ second chapter!

New York Times bestselling author Tracy Hickman’s riveting novel is the first based in the acclaimed Fireborn roleplaying game setting. On a seemingly mundane assignment in London to film an art collection, Ethan Gallows witnesses an act of sorcery and his world is transformed. The astute field cameraman is flooded with ancient memories, memories seen through the eyes of a dragon...memories he’s told belong to him. Now Ethan must put his trust in a woman claiming to be a draconic scion if he hopes to discover the truth about his past.

Passing customs

Embers of Atlantis’ second chapter, London Calling, describes Ethan and Collette’s arrival in London and their journey through the Heathrow airport. This customs check is anything but normal.

Don’t wait until the return flight, you can download the second chapter, London Calling (pdf, 583 KB), from the support page (where you can also download the first chapter).

Keep checking back for more previews, and pre-order Embers of Atlantis today!

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