7 June 2011

Death from the Shadows

Announcing Mizu, a single figure expansion for Tannhäuser

She slipped in through the window, and the guard was dead before her feet touched the floor. She found the key in his breast pocket and dragged his body to the nearest closet. The key would get her one level deeper. After that, she would exhaust the information she gleaned during her tour as the Shogunate’s diplomat. Of course, the challenge of working her way through the castle’s unrevealed defenses was what excited her most. The rest of the mission was proving far too easy…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Mizu, an upcoming single figure expansion for Tannhäuser! Officially an “international liason” for the Shogunate, Mizu Kage prefers to conduct her diplomacy with Willow and Winding Stream, her deadly sai blades. She has twice saved “the Daimyo” from certain death and three times taken down misguided Reich soldiers who thought to betray their tentative alliance with the Shogunate. Most recently, Mizu Kage was charged by the Lord of Spiritual Wellness Yami Seimei to collect information that the Shogunate’s Reich allies have been withholding. As she works toward the inevitable completion of her task, Mizu Kage keeps to the shadows like a whisper of wind through the night trees.

Water Shadow

With her sai, shuriken, and happo, she can decide to tread a path of blood or conduct an infiltration, unseen and unheard. As a member of the Shogunate, Mizu Kage may partner with forces from the Reich, according to the Nippon Accords, or she may feature in a team made exclusively from Shogunate characters.

Mizu comes complete with a sculpted and painted miniature, character sheet, tokens for her equipment, and a rulebook with a unique scenario, designed to pit her team against that of a thief from the Union or the Matriarchy.

Keep your eyes peeled for this Shogunate Hero. Mizu will slip onto store shelves in the third quarter of 2011.

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