28 June 2011

A Shogunate Champion from the Realm of Suffering

Announcing Itami, a single figure expansion for Tannhäuser

The Russian soldati quaked as the hulking blue figure approached. One panicked, dropping his rifle, and fled. He was the lucky man, the only survivor. One might expect such a giant to fight like a brute, especially after watching bullets bounce off him with no effect, but he ran at the men, swatting them down with his massive kenabo in no random order. He deduced the threat as cleverly as would have I, and the intelligence of his gaze as he turned my way seemed almost to touch my soul. –Major Gorgeï Volkov

Fantasy Flight Games announces Itami, an upcoming single figure hero expansion for Tannhäuser! With his enchanted kenabo, he presents an imposing figure on any battlefield. Drawn forth from Naraka by a blend of science and mysticism, Itami is a hybrid of human and Oni, the denizens of the Realm of Suffering. While even the Shogunate do not fully understand his abilities, they are astounding. For now, he works to ensure the mutual benefits of the Shogunate and the Inferior Worlds, swatting aside enemies with a kenabo wrapped in mystically imbued leather.

Half Man, Half Oni

A unique mix of man and monster, Itami is a blue-skinned, horned Oni with rippling muscles, but he also passes for human by every scientific measure. The Shogunate have placed him in Iroh Minamoto’s 3rd Division to best make use of the powers he draws from Naraka. Few can abide the ferocity of his gaze. It can wrack others with pain and bend their very will. An unholy penumbra seeps out of every pore of the giant’s body, and soldiers who survived their encounters with Itami have reported they felt that their essences were being drained whenever he inhaled. Whatever he truly is, Itami is something more than human, and combatants tremble at the primal rage and suffering in his voice when he bellows. Few can withstand the sound and hold their ground.

Itami comes complete with a sculpted and painted miniature, character sheet, tokens, and equipment cards. The included rulebook details the Nippon Accord, which allows players to team him with Reich allies, or only with other Shogunate forces. The rulebook also includes a unique scenario to test his limits against a demon of the Reich.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this Shogunate hero. Itami crashes onto shelves Q4 of 2011. Until then, check back here for more intelligence.

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