20 June 2011

The Crocodile's Embrace

Presenting a preview for the upcoming The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus

The Adventurers stand surrounding the deep pool of water. Glimpses are seen of treasures shining in the light of their torches...but could also be a reflection off of a crocodile’s tail. Edgar Rice shrugs off his napsack, cracks his neck back and forth, then dives in. For a moment, there is no noise inside the great pyramid. But then Edgar resurfaces with one arm wrapped around a golden chest, the other holding the head of a crocodile firmly against his body.

There is nothing like the threat of becoming a crocodile’s snack to make you question your devotion to treasure-hunting, but sometimes the promise of unimaginable wealth outweighs the risks. The upcoming The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus will be released in the third quarter of 2011!

Last time we dug through a scorpion-filled sand strip in search of priceless relics. Today, we will get our feet wet when we explore the very center of pharaoh’s tomb, the Crocodile Pond, as well as review the fearless and capable Adventurer, Edgar Rice.

The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus is a standalone board game in which 2-6 players become reckless Adventurers bent on looting an ancient pyramid and escaping with the most treasure. But the pyramid is filled with secrets...and dangers. Whichever Adventurer escapes alive with the most valuable archaeological relics is the winner.

Sobek’s Basin

“Always look a crocodile in the eye and everything will be fine.” -Edgar Rice

This central pond was dedicated to the Ancient crocodile-headed god, Sobek; this powerful and frightening deity was said to emerge from the waters of chaos to create the world, and was the sovereign of crocodiles. The pond is filled with his followers’ valuable offerings and crocodiles who are hungry for more than treasure.

If an Adventurer hopes to find sacred plates used in rituals to Sobek, as well as golden chests holding a treasure of unknown value inside, he must swim in the pool...and risk a crocodile’s unfriendly welcome.

Luckily, these crocodiles are slow enough that the wayward Adventurer can escape from his encounter. While an Adventurer may suffer a serious bite, he won’t become a crocodile’s entire meal. Of course, this bite will affect your Adventurer’s Wound and Load Level (WLL) unless you collected the necessary equipment from the pyramid’s antechamber to treat the wound.

If your Adventurer cannot heal himself then the amount of treasure he can carry and the actions he can perform will be reduced. Though this fate isn’t ideal, your Adventurer can still carry on, weigh his options and discard his less valuable treasures for objects of true fortune. Still, if your reckless Adventurer has had the misfortune of receiving more wounds than treasure he should fear the upcoming Mummies’ Corridor.

Swimming with the crocodiles

Once presumed dead, Edgar Rice mysteriously returned to the world when the discovery of the Pyramid of Horus was announced. Though many people, including his fellow Adventurers, have questions about his recent activities, Edgar is quite closed-mouthed. The South African military officer is only interested in a successful expedition into the pyramid.

Unlike his fellow Adventurers Edgar doesn’t fear The Crocodile Pond as he is an expert on deadly aquatic reptiles. His Special Ability is Swimming.

Once per game, Edgar can dive into Sobek’s pond and avoid a crocodile’s attack on his hunt for the watery gems. Therefore, if you are playing with Edgar you will have an advantage against your opponents when collecting treasure from The Crocodile Pond. But remember, his ability will only save you from a crocodile’s jaws once!

Look for a preview of The Mummies’ Corridor to be unlocked in the coming weeks, and pack your swimsuit for when The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus is released in the third quarter of 2011!

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