27 May 2011

The Fight to Survive

Presenting a preview for the upcoming events at Gen Con Indy 2011

Fantasy Flight Games will have its largest schedule of events to date at Gen Con Indy 2011. This vast selection will include new offerings as well as classic favorites, such as Arkham Horror, Battlestar Galactica: the Board Game, and Tannhäuser! All three of these events task players with fighting to survive, while providing a completely separate and engaging experience for each game.

The Ancient Ones are stirring...

Can you and your fellow investigators save your small Massachusetts town from a supernatural abomination? Arkham Horror pits a cooperative group of 1-8 players against a macabre threat in the 1920s, an Ancient One who threatens to awaken and break through into your world causing utter destruction. As the occurrences of strange and unnatural events grow more frequent, you and your fellow investigators must race to prevent its unholy arrival through collecting clues, battling monsters, and ultimately closing gates, portals to the world beyond. Prepare to save Arkham...for now.

Who can you trust?

In Battlestar Galactica:The Board Game 3-6 players must work together to overcome the incredible odds ranged against humanity. Unfortunately there is a complication: one or more of the group is a secret Cylon traitor who wants the humans to perish. In this exciting game of mistrust amidst the struggle for survival, which side will achieve victory?

At Gen Con Indy 2011, attendees will be able to participate in Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game events as well as games that feature the Exodus expansion. Exodus offers players three new options: Cyclon Fleet, Conflicted Loyalties, and Ionian Nebula. Fight harder, trust less, and manage non-player personalities to further your own agenda.

Break the stalemate

Jump into a war that never ended. Tannhäuser places players in an alternate timeline in which all of Europe is still engulfed in The Great War and everyone is doing everything in their power to survive...and win. Play as the heroic Union or the occult-powered Reich, both attempting to lay waste to their opponents. Also featuring the Pathfinding System, you and your fellow players will discover a revolutionary new way to mark line of sight. The choices you make in Tannhäuser could determine the outcome of the war. Are you prepared to face the enemy?

Players will be able to participate in a number of all-new, never-before-scene Tannhäuser scenarios at Gen Con Indy 2011.

Register for Gen Con today, and then reserve your ticket for Arkham Horror, Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, and Tannhäuser! Keep checking back for updates in the coming weeks for more on Fantasy Flight Games’ presence at Gen Con Indy 2011.

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