19 May 2011 | Event Center

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Highlights from the LCG Days event at the FFG Event Center

This past weekend the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center hosted LCG Days. A number of enthusiastic LCG fans attended, tested their skills against new players, and fought for honor and glory. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Friday night began with the Conspiracy variant for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, the Melee Preliminaries for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, and a Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game warmup tournament as well as learn-to-play sessions for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. On Saturday players participated in the Warhammer: Invasion Regional, the Call of Cthulhu Regional, and the A Game of Thrones Joust tournament. Sunday quieted down for a relaxed Call of Cthulhu cube draft and The Lord of the Rings "nightmare" scenario playthroughs. 

Congratulations to our 2011 Regional Champions! Jim Black won the Call of Cthulhu Regional Championship, Timothy Lyons won the Warhammer: Invasion Regional Championship, and Greg Atkinson won the A Game of Thrones Regional Championship (although Will Lentz won the Joust and Luke Reed won the Melee, Greg’s overall score won him the championship).

Also in attendance were FFG’s LCG developers Damon Stone, Lukas Litzinger, and Nate French. Let’s hear their thoughts on the weekend.

From Damon Stone:

LCG Days was a fantastic time. I really enjoyed meeting the players of all of our LCG games. My two favorite parts of the weekend was casually interacting with players and the Card Design seminars.

The Design-a-Card Seminars provided an opportunity to hear the ideas of the players, as well as let them walk a few yards in our shoes. They had to grapple with questions regarding metagame and card balance, and then the elegance of simplicity really got them focused on the importance of creating a compelling card, which was attractive to thematic players, interesting to combo-players, and efficient enough to tempt the hard-core competitive player.

I worked with Nate French during the Call of Cthulhu Seminar and the players present were very clear about wanting to add a particular unique character to the game, one with a very specific and interesting ability as the central idea for the card. Obviously I can’t go into too much detail about it yet, but the impact of this traveler on the game is bound to be felt.

For the A Game of Thrones players the process was a free-wheeling round table discussion about House strengths and weaknesses, and what things they felt would be interesting given the current play environment. We did decide on a House and a unique character that is currently not represented in the LCG. The ability that we settled on fits well within the Houses’ mainstay but with a little twist that should capture the imagination of casual and competitive players alike.

I personally want to thank all the players who took part in this event. You are an amazing group of passionate and skilled players and I am proud to be able to design for you. Those of you who didn’t get an opportunity to make it, I hope to see you next year.

From Lukas Litzsinger:

Friday night began with a Design-a-Card seminar for Warhammer: Invasion. The event saw a lot of intriguing ideas flying back and forth across the table. The card that was finally settled on should turn out to be a powerful attachment. Afterward there was a King of the Hill tournament. Timothy Lyons ended up winning this event with a Chaos/Skaven deck.

The King of the Hill event was really more of a warm-up for the main event. At the main event the level of competition was very high, and the players faced off in a Round Robin tournament. The finals pit Timothy Lyons (Orc/Undead) against Shaun Morgan (Chaos). Timothy pulled out the win, adding to his hardware for the weekend. 

A very strong Empire build took a close third, also going 4-1 but losing out on making it to the finals due to a tie-breaker.

After Warhammer: Invasion wrapped up for the evening, I hung around and helped run the A Game of Thrones Iron Throne block booster draft. This was a great idea by our Event Coordinator Jaffer, and yours truly was happy to be able to participate. In my first pack I drew into a Bounty of the Realm, possibly my favorite plot ever. In the end Bradley, a player from up in Cambridge, took home the prize (a Greyjoy crystal house card).

Sunday was a relatively quiet day, and I played through all three Core Set The Lord of the Rings quests in one epic session with two other players, which drew my weekend to a close.

It was great to meet so many people who are passionate about LCGs, and I look forward to meeting even more next year!

From Nate French:

For this year’s LCG Days, I ran three tournaments (the A Game of Thrones Melee and Joust Championships, and the A Game of Thrones Hand of the King tournament), and also directed two seminars, the Call of Cthulhu Design-A-Card seminar and The Lord of the Rings Q&A.

The Championship tournaments in particular were extremely exciting, with a field of many strong, experienced players, but also a good number of new faces as well. The buzz in the Melee Tournament was Core Set Grand Maester Pycelle: when multiple players were able to get this card out at the same table, they were able to create large amounts of card advantage over the other players at the table. This play was extremely powerful, and one that we’ll have to take a careful look at before GenCon.

In the end, though, it was Will Lentz’s fast Greyjoy holy crest deck that pulled out the win, seizing the initiative (and the game) on the final turn. The Joust Tournament was dominated by House Martell, in a variety of forms ranging from Brotherhood to Shadows to Summer builds. Lucas Reed played a masterful final “Martell Summer vs Martell Shadows” game against Greg Atkinson, setting up his final turn (with The Red Viper) far in advance, and took home the Joust prize. Greg, however, combined his second place finish in the Joust with his third place finish in the Melee to win his second straight “LCG Days Overall A Game of Thrones Championship.”

The highlight of the seminars was working with the pre-registered players on a new character for the Call of Cthulhu LCG. This card offers players a powerful weapon as well as some interesting synergy with Call of Cthulhu LCG’s strengths. All in all, LCG Days made for a great weekend of cards, and even more importantly, it was a great opportunity for friends in the various game communities to come together and partake in the hobby they enjoy. I was glad to have been a part of this event, and am already looking forward to next year.

Thanks Damon, Lukas, and Nate! We would also like to thank all attendees at LCG Days for contributing to an amazing weekend. We hope to see you next time!

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