8 April 2011

3:10 to Deadwood

Announcing the upcoming release of Deadwood, a wild and wooly board game

“I reckon this dispute can only be settled one way,” Redhand Jack says. Bobby the Kid, your hired gun, nods. He’s not big on words. “Draw,” Alfie yells. One shot rings out. Jack crumples to the ground, dead. You don’t think he even touched his gun. You walk over to Bobby. “Well done,” you say. Bobby nods. You always did think talking was overrated.

The town of Deadwood might not be civilized, but neither are you. Frankly, you wouldn’t have it any other way. A lifetime of crime is about to pay off; when the railroad’s built Deadwood will be mighty profitable to control. But with rival gangs claiming territory, can you control it?

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Deadwood, an unruly board game for 2-5 cowboys that’s anything but cordial! In Deadwood, players use both their wits and their guns to control the businesses in town and gain as much money as they can. Whichever bronco has the most cash at the end of the game is the winner.

A True Cowboy Carries Two Guns

The game starts with a ranch full of cowboys at your command, a handful of waiting buildings in town, and tension in the air. Each cowboy sent into town can earn money and at least one special advantage at each establishment by being the first one there, or by instigating a shootout against a rival cowboy, killing him, and taking his building.

To be sure, with you roaming the streets, the shanty-town of Deadwood sees neither law or order. But do you have the wits and muscle to drive out your rivals? You didn’t become a gang boss on the strength of your gun alone. If you win they won’t be staying in town for long.

With three possible ways for the game to end, your every decision either to stay at a building, instigate a shootout, or build the railroad can change the course of the game. In the reckless and exciting game of Deadwood, there’s no telling the final outcome.

The 26 possible buildings that can be constructed in Deadwood, such as a Casino or a Dance Hall, promises variety in each game played.

Head over to our Deadwood site to learn more. Then, look for exciting previews in the coming weeks and prepare for an uncivilized adventure this summer!

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