20 April 2011

A New Chapter

Announcing a change to the Anima Tactics miniatures game

For years, players have enjoyed the fast paced skirmishes and epic story lines of the Anima Tactics miniatures game, with its intuitive and dynamic mechanics for complete control over its character’s amazing abilities. With a system that allows for diverse parties of unique and powerful heroes, Anima Tactics brings players together to fight a secret war for the fate of a rich fantasy world.

Now, Fantasy Flight Games and Cipher Studios are pleased to announce an important change to Anima Tactics. Effective August 1st, 2011, Cipher Studios will handle all distribution of this popular miniatures game. Please note this change does not affect the Anima: Beyond Fantasy roleplaying game or the Anima card games, all of which will still be published by Fantasy Flight Games.

Why the change?

Since its first release, Fantasy Flight Games has been responsible for the distribution of Anima Tactics while Cipher Studios was responsible for its production and marketing. As both companies have grown tremendously in the intervening years, it made sense to transition distribution away from Fantasy Flight and to make Cipher Studios solely responsible for the Anima Tactics line.

This means that previously announced Anima Tactics releases will be distributed and sold by Fantasy Flight Games, but all future announcements and releases will come directly from Cipher Studios.

We at Fantasy Flight Games are among Cipher Studios’ biggest fans, and would like to thank our friends for allowing us to help make Anima Tactics a worldwide success. As we move forward with the Anima: Beyond Fantasy roleplaying game and our engaging selection of Anima card games, we eagerly look forward to Cipher’s ongoing contributions to the world of miniatures gaming, as well as to their rich fantasy world of Gaïa.

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