19 April 2011 | Event Center

Face Off for Glory

Join us May 28th at the Event Center for the Dust Tactics Regionals

You watch your commanding officer’s lips; he’s yelling something at you but you can’t hear it. Glancing around you realize the entire battlefield is silent. The last strike must have momentarily deafened you but you’re ready to charge back into the fray. After all, this could be it; the battle that decides everything.

Prepare to take part in the explosive world of Dust Tactics. Pre-register for the 2011 Dust Tactics Regionals at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center May 28th!

Brutal Victory

This year destroy your competitors in a fiery competition that will be waged on the frozen fields of war. Meet new opponents and face-off for glory and victory in the arena of battlefield combat.

Contestants are eligible to receive an exciting array of prizes. The Regional winner will receive a large 5’ x 2’ “Regional Championship 2011” banner, a “Regional Champion 2011” trophy, and a signed and certified “Regional Champion 2011” certificate. The top two players will receive one pre-painted walkers (either one Ally or one Axis), the top eight players will receive large glossy art prints, and a “Dust Tactics Regional Championship 2011” cloisonne. Finally, the top 16 players will receive Dust Tactics Regional Championship 2011” patches, and the first player eliminated will receive a “Scrap Prize” of one figure or pin set. Raffles will also be held for two pre-painted squads.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to show your excitement and enthusiasm for Dust Tactics. Make your plans to compete, pre-register by May 21st, and march to the FFG Event Center May 28th for your chance at victory!

Note: Although you may be prompted to select a shipping option, there is no charge for shipping. The full cost of registration is $5.

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