13 April 2011 | Event Center

Warmachine Invades the Event Center

Join us April 17th at the FFG Event Center for the Shattered Grounds League!

Are you a fan of the explosive miniatures combat of Warmachine? It’s time for Shattered Grounds 2011, and the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center is your place to play!

Shattered Grounds Leagues are a great way for players to challenge themselves, show off hobby skills, and have fun. The Shattered Grounds League features opportunities for multiplayer games, team games, cooperation with faction players around the world, or simply setting up armies to throw down one-on-one against a friend. The FFG Event Center will have a league champion at the end of the four-week season, but players of every skill level can work to achieve battle journal commendations for a wide variety of accomplishments.

The first official Warmachine event at the EC will be on Sunday, April 17th, and Shattered Ground League rules apply. The cost is just $5 to enter, and players get a Player Tracking Card, Faction patch and Battle Journal!

Play starts at 11am, so get there early to register. We hope to see you there!

  • Check In: 10:30-11:00
  • Game 1: 11:00-1:00
  • Lunch: 1:00-1:30
  • Game 2: 1:30-3:30
  • Game 3: 3:30-5:30

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