12 April 2011

When Families Feud

Announcing Ventura, a board game of nobility and conquest

“The time for deliberation is past. Action must be taken [...] perhaps God wills that this war, which began in the blood of my brother [...] should be ended by any means. My desire is that by my life or my death [...] I may contribute to the welfare of our city.” -Lorenzo de’ Medici

It is 14th century Italy, and your family has gathered prominence, becoming noble and dominating your city. Now, in an age of valiant conquest, continue to elevate your status by conquering territories. For the family with the greatest leader, fortune lies within their grasp.

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Ventura, a board game of noble families vying for dominance in 14th century Italy. Lead your family to supremacy by recruiting Captains of Fortune to eliminate your enemies.

Ambitious Houses

Ventura puts 2-4 players in control of a noble house setting out to conquer their outlying territories, represented by a modular game board. By gathering Florins, players must recruit and pay for their troops in order to secure more land. However, their family’s earnings must also be reserved for accumulating Victory Points. 

Victory can also be secured through military might. Battles in Ventura are fought over the course of several assualts, with each player arranging their fighting Companies on their Family Board. Whenever one of your Companies falls, the one behind it must move up and fill its rank. So players will need to plan their marches well in advance if they hope to survive the battle.

For more information on Ventura, visit the description page. Look for previews in the coming weeks and prepare for noble conquest in the third quarter of 2011!

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