31 March 2011

Become the Game

Pre-register for LCG Days by April 29th, and take part in designing a new card!

Venture into the wide realms of Middle-earth and defy the Dark Lord’s influence. Travel to the Seven Kingdoms and join the struggle for the Iron Throne. Witness the terrors that abound in the disturbing town of Arkham, Massachusetts. Or descend into the grim and never-ending conflict of the Old World.

The LCG Days event is approaching! Hosted at our very own FFG Event Center in Roseville, MN from May 13th-15th, LCG Days is your chance to experience your favorite Living Card Games in an event that caters to both competitive and casual gamers. And don’t forget, guests who pre-register will receive a souvenir uncut card sheet and the chance to take part in the design process for their favorite LCG!

The Choice is Yours

As a bonus for players who pre-register to attend the event, we are presenting three exclusive seminars with the LCG development team of Nate French, Damon Stone, and Lukas Litzsinger. In these special seminars, you and your fellow players will work directly with each Living Card Game's lead developer, discuss what you would like to see in the metagame, and help create a card that will appear in a future monthly pack release (pending approval and favorable playtesting).

Participants in the seminars will draft a card idea and will be invited to participate in that card's development through playtesting. The card design seminar is only the beginning: follow your seminar's card draft from conception to playtesting to final product and watch as it develops "behind the scenes"! For your participation in this seminar, we will also send you a free copy of the pack that the card you helped to create will appear in!

These “Design A Card” seminars with the LCG design team are only open to pre-registered attendees so sign up today and indicate which design seminar you would like to participate in. Each pre-registered attendee can only participate in one design seminar. When you register, we will send you an email asking which seminar you would like to participate in. Choose your allegiance!

The “Design A Card” Seminars May 13th-15th

  • Warhammer: Invasion: Friday, 7:00pm
  • A Game of Thrones: Saturday, 12:00pm
  • Call of Cthulhu: Sunday, 11:00am

Hotel information is available on the support page, so book your accommodations, and prepare to join us May 13th-15th!

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