10 March 2011

House of Cards

LCG Days takes place the weekend of May 13th-15th at the FFG Event Center

Fantasy Flight Games invites you to share in a weekend of exciting games that are perfect for the competitive or casual gamer, devoted to the growing catalog of Fantasy Flight’s Living Card Games.

Taking place at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center in Roseville, MN on the weekend of May 13th-15th, LCG Days is your chance to experience your favorite Living Card Games, or discover a new one!

Pre-register today, and receive a special door-prize that will be an exciting souvenir and collectible piece to add to your gaming collection. Each pre-registered attendee will receive one uncut sheet of 55 cards, chosen from one of the three games featured in competitions at LCG Days.

LCG Days has an event for every LCG fan, whether they are competitive or brand new to Living Card Games. Concentrate on your favorite LCG the whole time or participate in activities for all four; the weekend will be packed with events and seminars celebrating every LCG Fantasy Flight Games has to offer.

Looking to enter the minds of our LCG developers? Hear the thoughts of Damon Stone, Lukas Litzinger, and Nate French at one of the many developer seminars and even meet them afterwards. All the developers for A Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer: Invasion, and The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game will be eager to answer your questions and discuss their involvement with each of these popular LCGs. 

Think you’re the best? Prove it! Participants will be able to play against each other, experiencing many exciting games, and compete for prizes. Test your skills against a veteran player, or just discover new opponents. LCG Days will feature a Warhammer: Invasion Warmup Tournament, a Call of Cthulhu Conspiracy Tournament (the list of included Conspiracles will be posted 2 weeks before the event), A Warhammer: Invasion Draft, a Call of Cthulhu Cube Draft, and the Hand of the King Tournament.

This event also offers the LCG enthusiast a series of deck-building seminars to learn the secrets of synergizing your cards. Learn about and explore new options and strategies in one of these informative sessions.

Curious about when these activities will be occurring? The schedule of events (pdf, 472 KB) is now available for download on the support page.

2011 Midwest Regionals

LCG Days gives participants a chance to compete in the 2011 Midwest Regionals for the penultimate title: Regional Champion. Join the best of the best to test your skills upon ravaged battlefields, mysterious dimensions, and the courts of kings and win glory!

Winners gain the chance to move on to the LCG World Championships at Gen Con 2011, and the ultimate proof of your Regional triumph: an exclusive hand-crafted trophy. Bring your best deck and prepare for a thrilling competition!

New to Living Card Games?

LCG Days offers newcomers learn-to-play sessions and casual gamers plenty of opportunities to learn and improve in the game of their choice. Living Card Games provide players with a dynamic and constantly evolving game play with an innovative fixed distribution method. Which LCG will you choose to immerse yourself in?

  • In Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, the Old World seethes with ancient rivalries. Bitter enemies face off against one another on blood-soaked fields of battle, as each race seeks to rise to dominance. Two players muster their forces and battle, collect vast resources, venture out on perilous–but rewarding–quests, build and develop their kingdom, and lead massive sieges against heavily fortified foes. Each race has much to gain, and will only be sated when their empire controls all the lands.
  • Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game introduces you to a world where the bizarre and terror reign. Elder gods rage against each other, sacrificing their deranged and perverse followers in their cosmic war, while human agencies dedicate themselves to the gods’ destruction. This card game of strategy for 2 players is fast-paced and highly interactive. Construct your decks from a choice of seven factions from the weird world of Cthulhu Mythos, where the variety of possible combinations provides suspense and adventure.
  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game places you among the Great Houses of Westeros in the life-or-death struggle for power. 2-4 players face off in a zealous competition that combines diplomacy, strategy, and courtly backstabbing. Choose between four house decks with different strengths and weaknesses. Amongst the intrigue, treachery, and short-termed alliances, who can you trust? Who can trust you? Because when you play the Game of Thrones, there is no middle ground.
  • In The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, the Dark Lord Sauron is gathering forces for evil destruction. Embark upon a new adventure with the beloved characters of The Lord of the Rings, gather allies, face dangerous fiends, and complete quests that will alter the fate of the world. This cooperative card game for 1-2 players puts players in control of the most powerful characters of Middle-earth, offering multiple combinations of settings and enemies that will make you a hero over and over again.

If you’re planning on attending, head over to our webstore to register today and this May, enjoy a weekend of gaming with other LCG aficionados!

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