9 February 2011

Choose Your Side

Oksana, a single figure expansion for Tannhäuser, is now on sale

Isolated in a haven of dormant technology, Oksana devoted several years to abandoned classified projects. She began by gathering and modifying old prototypes of early Voïvodes, building herself a personal guard armed with projected-energy weapons similar to the Magnifier. Today, Oksana has reappeared within the ranks of the Matriarchy, more determined than ever. Her re-emergence has created a schism within the Directorate, resulting in the rise of the New Guard, an unstable new collective that is as likely to ally with the Union cause as it is with the Directorate...

Oksana, the latest single figure expansion for Tannhäuser, is now on sale! Head on over to your local retailer or our webstore and recruit her today!

Oksana is a former Archimandrite, defeated at the hands of the reincarnated god that she refused to bow to. Now she’s back to cause a split within the Matriarchy, the powerful faction introduced in the Operation: Novgorod expansion. Just as likely to side with the Union as she is with the Matriarcy on her path to vengeance, Oksana is a powerful ally or a dangerous foe, depending on where you stand in her eyes.

Oksana utilizes the mechanical drones known as Voïvodes, which were utilized heavily in Operation Novgorod. These Voïvodes operate under Oksana’s control, doing her bidding without hesitation.

Oksana comes complete with a detailed pre-painted figure of Oksana Gusarenko, two pre-painted Voïvode miniatures, two character sheets, and tokens for all of her equipment. Oksana has the ability to field two Voïvodes when she is chosen as a hero. Players wishing to utilize Oksana’s technological talents must replace one of their Troopers with her two Voïvodes. She cannot be used on the same team as Zor’ka from the Operation Novgorod expansion.

In addition to these components, Oksana also comes with a rulebook featuring a custom scenario that will send her into Reich territory on a quest to recover lost documents.

Report to your local retailer or our webstore today and pick up your copy of Oksana!

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