2 December 2011

Arm Your Forces with the Power of Lightning

Natalya, an expansion for Tannhäuser, is now on sale

The motherland is under threat from Reich and Shogunate armies that seek to subjugate their enemies. In response, the Matriarchy has established a shaky alliance with the Union. Under orders from her Matriarchy superiors, resourceful tinkerer Natalya Kaminski enters the battle to protect the holy land from its enemies and gain valuable knowledge from its allies.

Electrify your enemies with powerful lightning blasts. The latest Tannhäuser expansion, Natalya, is now on sale at your retailer or our webstore.

The power of forgotten science

A rising star in the ranks of the Matriarchy, Natalya is well-known for her ability to revive and improve discarded technology. Based on a failed experiment from the Kizhi archives, her lightning cannons are a perfect example of her genius. This weapon inflicts serious damage to multiple targets, making the reclaimed device a valuable addition to any armory.

Another item in Natalya’s arsenal is the massive Kostjak Bronka Apparat suit. Pieced together from old blueprints, this suit was originally intended for a Voïvode. Although the suit is complicated, it provides Natalya with a high degree of protection. With her own upgrades to the original plans, this armor is indispensable to the young hero.

The New Guard’s finest

Natalya counts as an Epic Hero in games of Tannhäuser. This means if you decide to include her in your force, she replaces both a Hero and a Trooper. With her firepower and survivability, she is well worth the price. 

This expansion comes with a painted miniature, character sheet, tokens, and equipment cards. Also included is a rulebook that details using Natalya in your Tannhäuser games. The rulebook also features a dedicated scenario where Natalya leads UMTOMA forces against the soldiers of the Nippon Accords.

Eliminate the enemies of the Matriarchy with the power of electricity. Grab this Tannhäuser expansion today at your local retailer or on our webstore.

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