15 December 2011

Adventures in the East Begin

Operation: Hinansho is now available for Tannhäuser

They got secrets in there, and we need to go get them. Come on, boys, and make sure you’re locked and loaded, because those Shogunate guys won’t think twice about cutting you to shreds. Stick together, and light up anything that ain’t wearing the Union flag.

      - Sergeant Barry Daniel Brown

New and ancient mysteries await in the lands of the Shogunate in the latest Tannhäuser map expansion Operation: Hinansho. This supplement is now available at local retailers or in our webstore.

The war moves east

Two exciting maps are included in Operation: Hinansho. The Okinawa Crash Site map features a slew of new circle types. Blast your out-of-path opponents from the Sniper circle, create explosions by targeting the Volatile circle, or enter the Covert circle and gain excellent cover and shooting lanes. With so many new types of circles, the Okinawa map creates a fast-paced and furious match.

Little is known of the Kitamon Research Base, so send in your forces and get to the bottom of things. This map features new Locked Door circles that bring new challenges to Tannhäuser. Use doors to slow down, or even halt your enemy in their tracks. Bust through doors that become too much of a nuisance. The Locked Door feature on the Kitamon map sets the scene for some intense close quarter battles.

Bringing it all together

Also included in Operation: Hinansho are Gate tokens and rules for using two maps (and larger forces) in your games of Tannhäuser. In addition to this new token type, this supplement also has tokens for the Shogunate faction and objective tokens. The rulebook contains nine new scenarios which immerse you in the rich Tannhäuser story.

The realm of the Shogunate is filled with new adventures and conflicts. With new maps, rules, and tokens for the Tannhäuser game, Operation: Hinansho is an excellent supplement for any fan of the game. Go to your retailer and pick up this expansion, or order yours through our webstore.

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