28 November 2011

Shootout at the Dinner Table

Bring Deadwood, the game of wild west duels, to your next holiday gathering

Rival gangs have rolled into the shanty-town of Deadwood, ready to take a share of the cold, hard cash the railroad will bring. They threaten the townsfolk, take control of their shops, and fight duels in the dusty streets. When the railroad arrives, the gang with the most money will control the town – if they aren’t all gunned down first...

Since its release back in September, Deadwood has won over fans everywhere with its short play time, accessible rules, and entertaining premise. Even before that, however, Gen Con attendees who received early demos described it as the “perfect filler,” praising its cleverly managed tempo and quick, engaging turns.

Combining just enough strategy to interest veteran gamers with a theme and ruleset that welcomes newcomers, Deadwood is a unique entry into the worker placement genre that joins an exclusive list of true “gateway games.” All of this (along with an attractive price point) makes it an ideal addition to your holiday gaming lineup. After your holiday feast, engage your family in a fierce gang war to find out who’s the toughest cowboy in the Dakota Badlands!

This table ain’t big enough for the both of us...

Deadwood tasks players with using their wits and their guns to control the businesses in town and gain as much money as they can. You begin the game with a ranch full of cowboys at your command, a handful of waiting buildings in town, and tension in the air. Each cowboy sent into town can earn money and at least one special advantage by “annexing,” or claiming, a local establishment. Did you miss your chance to muscle in on a business? No problem. You can always “persuade” a opposing gang to leave... but you’d better be ready to draw.

To be sure, with your gang roaming the streets, the shanty-town of Deadwood sees neither law nor order. But do you have the wits and muscle to drive out your rivals? In the reckless and exciting game of Deadwood, there’s no telling the final outcome.

Playable in about 30 minutes, Deadwood is a perfect candidate for the downtime between dinner and dessert, a quick game at halftime, or a filler between longer games. Learn more at our description page or by downloading the rules (pdf, 9.5 MB), and make Deadwood a part of your next holiday party!

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