28 November 2011 | Event Center

Great Gaming, Seven Days a Week

Throughout December, the FFG Event Center is open Mondays!

Throughout December, you can enjoy the area's premier gaming destination seven days a week. The Fantasy Flight Games Event Center will be open every Monday from 4pm to midnight!

The Holiday Sale has started

And remember: Our amazing Holiday Sale has begun. Now through Sunday, December 4th, you'll find a great reason to celebrate the season.

Most everything in the Event Center is selling at great deals (except Fantasy Flight Games, Games Workshop and Army Painter products*). You’ll find savings on hundreds of the greatest games available, including Dominion, D&D, Magic: The Gathering, Settlers of Catan, Pathfinder, and the hot new Dystopian Wars! Many are sold at 40% for this limited sale time.

The Fantasy Flight Games Event Center is a full retailer, carrying products from dozens of different gaming companies, and you can find savings from all of them. The sale covers products from AEG, Alliance, Mayfair, Paizo, Privateer Press, Rio Grande, Steve Jackson Games, Wiz Kids, Z-man and more.

So stop by any day of the week to enjoy great gaming. See you there!

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