14 November 2011

The Confrontation Continues in the East

Rules for Operation: Hinansho, a Tannhäuser expansion, are online

Thwapp! Thwapp! Thwapp! The Union commando slammed the butt of his rifle against the wreckage. Thwapp! Clunk... The forest went quiet as the twisted metal gave way and dropped to the ground. A small party gathered to peer inside the freshly made hole, hoping to gain insight as to what happened to the mysterious plane that went missing six months ago...

The adventure in the East begins as the forces of the Nippon Accords and UMTOMA clash over an enigmatic crash site and a secret research base. The faction to solve the puzzles contained at these locations may well tip the balance of the war, or at the very least block their enemies from gaining valuable information. The Operation: Hinansho rulebook is now available for download online (pdf, 992 KB) on the support page. This newest supplement for Tannhäuser explores the territories of the Shogunate

That which is not meant to be known

Dive in and discover new ways to play Tannhäuser with this supplement. Learn about additional circle types and tokens that will add complexity to the game. Furthermore, the clarified Pathfinding System makes it easier to determine which circles are adjacent to your models. This promises to be a welcomed evolution to the Tannhäuser game system. As the enigmatic Shogunate enters the fray, joining with the occult-obsessed Reich, the heroic Union army forms a fragile alliance with the Matriarchy. These partnerships allow players to field forces of mixed factions and capitalize of the strengths of each army.

Ready yourself with the Operation: Hinansho rulebook, and be prepared for the Operation: Hinansho map supplement, which releases later this quarter. Pre-order this product at your local retailer today.

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