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Play A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition at the Essen Game Fair


Last week, we posted the rules for A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition, the definitive version of Christian T. Petersen’s beloved classic. Featuring a range of enhancements for your war for the Iron Throne, this stunning new edition combines the most popular elements of its predecessor with beautifully updated components.

Looking for a chance to play this monumental title weeks before it hits store shelves? The Essen Game Fair (also known as Internationale Spieltage) begins in just two days, and Heidelberger Spieleverlag, our exclusive distribution and publishing partner in Germany, will be running demos throughout the show!

The world’s largest hobby games convention, the Essen Game Fair caters to well over 100,000 visitors every year, offering the unique chance to see the most exciting upcoming titles the industry has to offer. Covering an area of nearly half a million square feet, Essen brings publishers, designers, and players together for a massive celebration of hobby games.

The Only Game That Matters Meets the World’s Largest Games Convention

If you’re at Essen, stop by and visit the Heidelberger booth for a full demo of A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition. You’ll be placed in charge of one of the six Great Houses of Westeros, where you must unseat the other Houses and claim sole dominance over a continent shattered by war and political upheaval!

By mustering and sustaining massive armies, conquering territory, vying for power, and forming fragile alliances, you will struggle to ultimately control the most castles and strongholds, affirming him as the peoples’ chosen leader and rightful king. You’ll need aid on your path, but be careful in whom you place your trust...

Keep Watching for More

Whether or not you’re able to attend Essen, however, keep checking back for more in the weeks leading up to A Game of Throne’s release. Want even more epic conflict? Make your plans to attend Days of Ice and Fire, three days of Westeros in Roseville, Minnesota, where you’ll be able to play full games!

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