7 January 2011

The Great War Has Not Ended...

A look at recent developments in the world of Tannhäuser

“I understand, Mr. President,” the shadow said, dabbing his darkened brow with a square of white cloth that seemed to absorb the invading moonlight. He shifted the receiver to his other ear. “No one else can know. I have taken careful measures to assure that these recent developments never happened...as far as the American public is concerned.” The shadow paused, listening intently to the voice on the other end of the phone. “Yes. I will take care of it, sir. This could possibly end the war...”

The nervous shadow hung up and quickly exited the dark office. As the door slowly shut, another figure emerged, clicking off the recording device that captured every piece of the confidential conversation. “No it won’t,” a wicked voice said, drawing and loading a German sidearm then slipping out the door before it even shut.

This past year has been quite noteworthy for Tannhäuser, the board game of horror and heroism during the Great War. With the release of the Revised Edition Rulebook and a slew of other expansions, players now have a wealth of options available to them for customizing their games. Here is just a quick recap of the exciting new products that have emerged over the course of the past few months. These releases have paved the way for many new products to be released over the course 2011, sure to further evolve the world of Tannhäuser even more!

The Spoils of War

One of the biggest developments for Tannhäuser in 2010 of course was the Revised Edition Rulebook. This updated and expanded rulebook refines the gameplay of Tannhäuser and all current expansions without replacing any of its components or spirit. And since it’s included with all future copies of the Tannhäuser base game, these rules seamlessly propel the game to a new level without alienating new or veteran players.

The Union and Reich Troop Packs give players more options and versatility when building their squads, letting them customize their allotment of hero and troops. These, combined with release (or upcoming release) of several new single figure expansions including Wolf, Oksana, Hoax, Hoss, and the mighty Asteros, increase the diversity of unique individuals from which players can build their squads.

Additionally, the upcoming map pack Daedalus (set to hit store shelves in a matter of days) provides new venues to wage wars in. Whether you want to defend a beleaguered French outpost, or brave the legendary Labyrinth of Minos, Daedalus will open new doors for you to explore the growing world of Tannhäuser!

With a new year comes new possibilities, and with an immersive game like Tannhäuser, you can expect many exciting things to appear over the course of 2011. Stay alert, because the war is far from over...

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