4 January 2011

The Beast Within

The rules for Daedalus, a Tannhäuser expansion, are now online

The walls were riddled with ancient scrollwork, some of it seeming to glow unnaturally in the faint light of the squad’s lanterns. “Keep your eyes open,” John MacNeal commanded his troops in a strained whisper. “If anything we’ve heard about this place is true, we shouldn’t have survived this long.” A bestial roar echoed down the hall, but MacNeal’s squad remained; shuffling down the dark corridor toward a tormented monstrosity.

The doors to the ancient labyrinth are slowly opening, welcoming all those who dare to face its hidden trials. Soon you will be able to descend into the halls yourself and do battle with whatever awaits you in the maze below...

The rules (pdf, 1.4 MB) for the Daedalus map pack are now available on the Tannhäuser support page.

The Daedalus map pack features a new double sided game board for Tannhäuser - one side depicting the Labyrinth of Minos while the other focuses on the French outpost of Gévaudan. With 9 new scenarios, 64 tokens, and a rule book, you’ll be ready to wage war on all new territory!

Watch your local retailer for signs of Daedalus next week...

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