12 January 2011

Break the Beast's Chains...

Asteros, a single figure expansion for Tannhäuser, is now on sale!

Asteros heard the rage of gunfire erupting from the corridors. Every empty shell that clattered to the stone floor seemed to echo more loudly that the firefight that filled the ancient halls. He flexed his enormous arms, struggling against the shackles that bound him. It had been millennia since he found the strength to fight against their otherworldly craftsmanship, but never had he felt such unnatural power enter his domain. He had to break free. He had to fight...

Asteros, a single figure expansion for Tannhäuser, is now on sale! Hidden deep within the Labyrinth for centuries, the minotaur Asteros yearns to wreck havoc on the world above. He is an unnatural beast that cannot be reasoned with. Do you dare unchain him? Head on over to your local retailer or our webstore and add this ferocious being to your stable of troops.

Asteros comes packaged with a detailed pre-painted figure of the legendary minotaur, equipped with rules, tokens, and a unique scenario. With no prior allegiances, Asteros can be used with any faction. Since Asteros is an Epic Hero, he is fielded with a smaller force than normal, replacing a hero and a trooper on account of his legendary power and sheer size.

With today’s release of the first Tannhäuser map pack Daedalus, players can encounter Asteros in the very place he was banished. Daedalus features a map of the Labyrinth of Minos which once served as Asteros’ prison. Using Daedalus in combination with the Asteros expansion, players can compete for control over the minotaur in the Labyrinth, or unleash him on the French outpost of Gévaudan.

Armed with magical relics and a savage thirst for violence, Asteros might be the answer your faction has been looking for. Do you think you can control him? Head to your local retailer or our webstore to find out!

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